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All Saints’ Episcopal Church Welcomes You!

We are an inclusive, intergenerational community of various talents, backgrounds, and life lessons. We welcome the curious and the courageous, the seeking and the committed, the forgiving and those in need of forgiveness. We strive to be disciples of Christ who are kind, merciful, and compassionate - in our church community and in the world.

COVID 19 Update February 2023

Although we no longer have COVID restrictions in place at All Saints', please feel free to wear a mask or take other precautions you feel are warranted for your protection. Virtually everyone in our congregation has been vaccinated, but if there is a future outbreak of COVID among congregants we may reinstate masking again.

Sunday Service Times:

Holy Eucharist Rite I: 8:30am in the Wyndham Room (Parish Hall) – enter through door at the back parking lot. Doors open at 8:15am. This is a spoken service. See mask notice above.

Holy Eucharist, Rite II: 10:30 AM in the church with music - see mask notice above

Christian Formation:
September – May (Youth): Sundays at 9:30 am including lessons, fellowship, and other activities.

Bible Study (Adult): Wednesdays at 11:00 AM (year round) in the Parish Hall. Other adult lessons and discussions are held quarterly.

Upcoming Events:

 1 Oct 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
 2 Oct 11AM St. Mary's Guild
 4 Oct 11AM Bible Study
 4 Oct 6PM Facilities
 4 Oct 6:30PM Stewardship
 8 Oct 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
10 Oct 6PM Spiritual Life
11 Oct 11AM Bible Study
12 Oct 6:30PM Vestry
15 Oct 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
16 Oct 7PM Men's Group
18 Oct 11AM Bible Study
22 Oct 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
22 Oct 5PM Music in the Garden
24 Oct Christian Formation
25 Oct 11AM Bible Study
29 Oct 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
 1 Nov 11AM Bible Study
 1 Nov 6PM Facilities
 1 Nov 6:30PM Stewardship
 5 Nov 9AM All Saints' Day
 5 Nov 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
 6 Nov 11AM St. Mary's Guild
 8 Nov 11AM Bible Study
 9 Nov 6:30PM Vestry
12 Nov 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
14 Nov 6PM Spiritual Life
15 Nov 11AM Bible Study
15 Nov 6PM Evening Prayer & Program
19 Nov 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
20 Nov 7PM Men's Group
22 Nov 11AM Bible Study
26 Nov 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
28 Nov Christian Formation
29 Nov 11AM Bible Study
 3 Dec 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
 4 Dec 11AM St. Mary's Guild
 6 Dec 11AM Bible Study
 6 Dec 6PM Facilities
 6 Dec 6:30PM Stewardship
10 Dec 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
12 Dec 6PM Spiritual Life
13 Dec 11AM Bible Study
14 Dec 6:30PM Vestry
17 Dec 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
18 Dec 7PM Men's Group
20 Dec 11AM Bible Study
21 Dec 2PM St. Anne's Guild
24 Dec 9:30AM Youth Sunday School
26 Dec Christian Formation
27 Dec 11AM Bible Study

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